Approved tax agent
Approved tax agent

 Approved tax agent

The International Auditing and  Consulting Center is one of the Approved tax agent accredited, registered, and approved in the countries of the United Arab Emirates and in Dubai by the Federal Tax Authority, it provides all your information in the field of tax and can explain to you your position and your tax obligations and help in understanding the applicable laws, compliance, and regulations for tax Value Added.

The International Auditing and Consulting Center (Approved tax agent) is distinguished by providing fast free consultations to its clients and assisting in arranging and structuring records.

Among the services provided by the International Auditing and Consulting Center, it assists its clients in establishing companies, assisting in the process of delisting the company, and taking all required procedures.

VAT is an indirect tax on consumption that is imposed on most goods and services that are supplied at every stage of the supply chain. And the ultimate consumer is the one who bears the cost of this tax after challenging it. Businesses and companies registered for tax calculate and collect it for the government.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is applied in more than 180 countries around the world. The International Auditing and Consulting Center of Accounts performs all services of the Approved tax agent or related to value-added tax, registration, cancellation, tax refund, tax planning, and auditing of value-added tax returns. The International Center for Consulting and Auditing of Accounts assists in submitting objections in the event of any dispute in the value-added tax.

The International Auditing and Consulting Center provides tax returns as the tax return is the official document that must be filled out and submitted to the Federal Tax Authority for each tax period, as determined by the Authority.

The return shows which output tax is due, which input tax is recoverable, as well as any other details indicated on the application.

The Output Tax

The Output Tax is the value-added tax that is calculated and imposed by the taxable person on the goods and services that he supplies after being registered in the value-added tax.

And the definition of input tax is the value-added tax that a supplier adds to the price when the recipient purchases goods, or the recipient purchases services that are subject to value-added tax.

The business pays the government tax that it collects from customers, and in some cases, these businesses may recover the tax that they had paid to their suppliers. Thus, the net result from the tax revenue that the government receives is “value added” through the stages of the supply chain.

According to the law in force in the United Arab Emirates regarding the Approved tax agent, any business or any company can appoint an Approved tax agent to work in its name and on its behalf in relation to its tax affairs before the Federal Tax Authority, without affecting the responsibility of that entity or person before the local authority.

Approved tax agent 

It is at the core of the work of the International Auditing and Consulting Center as an Approved tax agent after reaching a contract between us and our clients.

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