Feasibility StudiesFeasibility Studies & Business Planning

Feasibility Studies focus on a variety of factors including political, regulatory, demographic, geographic, socio-economic, supply, demand, and many other business-related factors. Its key objective is to identifying the feasibility of setting up new organizations, adding business lines or even pursuing new expansions of up-and-running firms. It usually results in a “GO/NO-GO” recommendation. 

Although feasibility studies cover different business dimensions nevertheless they are still a “GO/NO-GO” identification tool that cannot be used to implement what was studied, consequently, we help organizations translate them into functional business plans upon which the new endeavors can be successfully set up and run.

Feasibility Studies with IAC:

We welcome you with us to the International Auditing and Consulting Center for Economic Feasibility Studies, where our experts are distinguished in analyzing information accurately and in a high-quality vision and help you to provide a high-quality feasibility studies in terms of its content.

Importance of the feasibility study:

  • to compare the costs that the project will need with the expected returns from the project.
  • Building the safest system to be followed by the project owner, and defining the process of linking the project elements, the financing component, the marketing component, and the operating component.
  • A good study helps the project owner to make difficult decisions based on the available information from realistically analyzing the data.
  • The study helps to create alternatives and find solutions to problems that may face the project.

Business planning:

The main purpose of business planning is to assist organizations in drawing or setting a mission or goal that helps them to organize their work and devote their energy to reach the goal or mission and also helps business planning to develop strategies that will be used to reach those goals and accomplish the task.

Strategic business planning:

Strategic planning in its simplest form is defining the strategic action plan, determining the sitioation of the institution at the present time, and where it plans to be, and determining the mechanism to reach those goals.

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