Feasibility Study and Business Planning:

A feasibility study focuses on a variety of factors, including political, regulatory, demographic, geographical, social, economic, supply and demand, and many other business-related factors. Its main goal is to determine the feasibility of establishing new institutions, adding business lines, or even pursuing new expansions for existing companies. A feasibility study typically results in a "GO / NO-GO" recommendation that helps in making sound decisions.

Although a feasibility study covers various business dimensions, it remains a tool for determining feasibility and cannot be used to implement the studied aspects. Hence, the importance of translating it into functional business plans through which new ventures can be successfully established and operated.

Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study:

We welcome you to the International Consultancy & Auditing Center, where our experts excel in analyzing information with high accuracy and excellent quality, helping you make sound decisions regarding your project. Our feasibility study provides crucial information that helps in drawing clear plans and reducing the failure rate.

Importance of Economic Feasibility Study:

  1. Comparing costs with expected returns: Enables you to compare the costs required to complete the project with the expected returns, helping determine the project's feasibility.
  2. Building a sound system: The feasibility study contributes to building the most suitable system for the project owner, identifying the linkage between different project elements such as financing, marketing, and operations.
  3. Making tough decisions: A good study helps the project owner make tough decisions based on realistically analyzed data.
  4. Creating alternatives: The study helps in finding solutions and alternatives to potential problems that may face the project.

Business Planning:

The primary purpose of business planning is to help organizations set a mission or goal that aids in organizing their work and dedicating their energy to achieve that goal. Business planning also assists in formulating strategies that will be used to achieve these goals and accomplish the mission.

Strategic Business Planning:

Strategic planning is a fundamental process for defining a strategic action plan, determining the current position of the organization, where it plans to be, and the mechanisms to reach those goals.

Why Choose the International Consultancy & Auditing Center?

  • Experience since 1992: We offer you expertise from 1992 in the field of feasibility studies.
  • Collaborative and Flexible Team: Our team is characterized by its cooperation and flexibility in dealing with clients.
  • Real Value: We guarantee that you will receive real value from our services.
  • Professional Advice: We provide professional advice based on deep knowledge and thorough analysis.

International Consultancy & Auditing Center:

We offer individuals and companies a variety of services designed to meet their specific needs. We put all you need regarding feasibility studies in your hands. All you have to do is trust our experts at the International Consultancy & Auditing Center, and leave the rest to us.

Questions Related to Feasibility Study Services:

  1. What is a feasibility study?
    • A feasibility study is a comprehensive analysis aimed at determining the feasibility of establishing a project or expanding an existing business by evaluating economic, social, regulatory, and other factors.
  2. Why do I need a feasibility study for my project?
    • A feasibility study helps you make a sound decision about your project by providing an accurate analysis of the expected costs, returns, and potential risks, thus reducing the failure rate.
  3. What stages does a feasibility study include?
    • A feasibility study includes market analysis, cost and return evaluation, risk analysis, studying regulatory, social, and economic factors, and providing final recommendations.
  4. How long does it take to prepare a feasibility study?
    • The time required depends on the size and complexity of the project, but a feasibility study usually takes a few weeks to several months.
  5. What is the cost of preparing a feasibility study?
    • The cost varies based on the scope and complexity of the project. For an accurate estimate, it is preferred to contact us and provide project details.
  6. How does a feasibility study contribute to the success of a project?
    • A feasibility study helps determine the financial and economic viability of a project, provide realistic implementation strategies, reduce potential risks, and offer a clear vision for the future.
  7. What is the difference between a feasibility study and a business plan?
    • A feasibility study determines the project's feasibility through comprehensive analysis, while a business plan includes the steps and procedures needed to achieve the objectives outlined in the feasibility study.
  8. Do you offer support after preparing the feasibility study?
    • Yes, we provide ongoing support after preparing the feasibility study, including assistance in implementing recommendations and providing necessary consulting during the project's execution phases.
  9. Can a feasibility study be modified after it is prepared?
    • Absolutely, a feasibility study can be modified based on market changes, financial conditions, or any other factors that may affect the project.
  10. What distinguishes the International Consultancy & Auditing Center in providing feasibility studies?
    • We are distinguished by experience since 1992, a cooperative and flexible team, providing real value, and professional advice based on deep knowledge and precise analysis.

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