Governmental AffairsGovernmental Affairs

Corporate regulatory compliance in Dubai needs more than just basic services offices, we understand that some industries and sectors are highly regulated than others and it’s our role to assist you in establishing the accurate business presence in Dubai. Our team can help you in dealing with on-going compliance and entity maintenance matters and can represent you in front of all governmental establishments.

We can assist you in the following:

  •  Best Suitable establishment framework
  •  Most efficient entity types.
  •  Local partners locating & evaluation
  •  Taking over all governmental establishment and on-going day to day procedures.
  •  Formulation of contractual agreements
  •  Corporate regulatory compliance
  •  Issuance of investors visa
  •  Company liquidation


Governmental Affairs, our services sit at the crossroads of financial and business consultancy 
and,our team of experts will advise you on optimal company formation solutions and corporate
issues, we provide you with the business consultation in the following areas:

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