Message Of The ChairmanMessage Of The ChairmanIn the world of business, you seek only the best when it comes to your financial advisor. International Auditing & Consultancy Center is one of the leading Auditing firms with offices across Dubai and Cairo with a highly professional and dedicated team working within our offices. Since the firm was established in 1995, we were striving to ensure the maximum quality of service delivery to our clients and in continuous pursuit of improvement, we provide a provision of individual solutions that work for the needs of each client, above all, we operate in an ethical fashion that ensures the utmost professionalism and practical advice. We go extra miles to acquire the best talents and potentials in the market and invest in them with our on-going learning and development plans that eventually returns on our quality of service.

The services we provide generally fall within four business lines:

Auditing services that involve maintaining financial records and preparing and auditing financial statements for use by outside investors and banks.
Integrated Financial Services that involves full range of Tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping services.
Consultancy services, which can involve financial planning services as well as business consultation services to help management design, develop and implement the most efficient and applicable business process and strategies.
Corporate Support Services that involves services like accounting and bookkeeping, Management Accounting, Business Process Outsourcing, Business Linkage and Projects Funding.
We are proud to offer our services in depth knowledge and experience to our clients which include large corporations, both private and public-sector clients from a range of industries including, financial services, oil & gas, Constructions, telecommunications, FMCG, and manufacturing. We have partners with different specializations across audit, tax and consultancy to insure high level of quality results.

Our mission is to protect your investment at all times, while providing the right pathway for growth, using our specialized information on the legal, structural and cultural nuances of the region. We at international Auditing & Consultancy Center are armed with knowledge and experience and we are committed to partner with our clients to support their business and maximize their potential.

Esmail Al Sakka