Tax Consulting
Tax Consulting

Tax consultation services in Dubai:

Tax Consulting, The value-added tax law in the UAE is considered modern, as the law was issued under No. (7) in 2017 regarding the issuance of a tax called value-added tax, this law needs clarification and consultation, and from here was the beginning for the International Auditing and Consulting Center for adding value-added tax consultation to its services We offer a wide range of services regarding VAT.

Among the most important goals of our services is to help clients comply with value-added tax, increase awareness of how to manage the tax file in the organization, monitor the client’s accounting and financial system within the company, and reflect a clear view of the customer with all that is included in his accounting system.

If we want to clarify the difference between the value-added tax and the general tax, the value-added tax is levied on certain goods, consistently, and under certain conditions.

We help our partners with the following:

  • Preparing the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts.
  • Tax planning.
  • Compliance with VAT policies.
  • VAT returns audit.
  • Registration service/registration deregistration service/examination declaration verification.
  • Attendance and follow-up of field audit work.
  • Helping to file objections in the event of any dispute over VAT.
  • Providing all accounting advice.
  • Preparing the accounting guide in accordance with the basic requirements of the Federal Tax Authority.

At the International Center for Consulting and Auditing, we provide tax Consulting and tax compliance services to our clients. Our Tax Consultants are experts in tax law, planning, and tax compliance. We help our clients to register for taxes and cancellations. The International Center for Consulting and Auditing helps to file objections in the event of any dispute on VAT.

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